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Meet Dr. Amy Thomson!

Dr. Thomson brings her diverse dental skills to your hospital to perform dental services so you can increase revenue.

Get to know Dr. Amy Thomson!


My name is Amy Thomson, and I would like to help veterinary teams provide your pets with the best oral health care YEAR-ROUND!

For me, it’s not just February that is Pet Oral Health Month – it’s EVRY month!

During my time in general practice, I was fortunate to see first-hand how much oral health can improve our pets’ overall lives, fueling my growing passion.

When a thorough, whole mouth approach is taken, all known oral problems, as well as those hiding under the surface, are found and treated. This leads to an exponential improvement in our pets’ overall comfort! While I truly loved working with my team and families to provide oral care, I eventually decided I could help more pets and help other clinics have this success as a specialist.

After completing a three-year dentistry & oral surgery residency at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I put my new knowledge and experience to use in a busy referral hospital in Toronto. I would now like to return to my initial goal of bringing this passion and advanced skillset to veterinary teams.

My practice’s unique set-up allows specialty care without the extra time and travelling for your clients and their pets. It also allows for in-clinic training for the whole veterinary team!

I look forward to helping you and your team improve pet lives and human-animal bonds one mouth at a time!