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Photo/Video Consent

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At Thomson Mobile Veterinary Dentistry, sharing the positive impact oral care has on pets' lives is very important. It is also a pillar of our business to share information with pet owners and veterinary health care teams to ensure the best possible oral and overall health for your pets. To do this, sharing the work Dr. Thomson does is very important and thus the reason for this photo and video release form. I hereby grant Dr. Amy Thomson (@toothy.thomson) permission to take photographs and/or videos of the care being provided to my pet and to publish those photographs for any lawful purpose, including, but not limited to, their website, social media accounts, lecture material, and promotional materials, either digital or in print, in perpetuity. I also grant permission to use my pet's name. By signing and dating this form, I authorize Dr. Amy Thomson to edit, alter, share, remix, tweak, build upon, or in any way alter the photograph(s)mentioned above. I also waive any rights of privacy or compensation associated with the use of my or my pet's image(s)and name(s)for the personal or commercial purposes outlined above.