Please note: Dr Amy Thomson no longer offers mobile dentistry services but you can still submit CE and telemedicine consult requests. For those in or near the GTA cases can be referred to Lakeshore Animal Health Partners as of May 2023.

Veterinary Dental Services

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Veterinary services that travel to your clinic.

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Dr. Thomson brings her diverse dental skills to your hospital to perform a variety of dental services.

Get to know Dr. Amy Thomson!


My name is Amy Thomson, and I would like to help veterinary teams provide pets with the best oral health care YEAR-ROUND! For me, it’s not just February that is Pet Oral Health Month – it’s EVERY month! During my time in general practice, I was fortunate to see first-hand how much oral health can improve our pets’ overall lives, fueling my growing passion.

My practice’s unique set-up allows specialty care without the extra time and travelling for your clients and their pets. I can also provide in-clinic training for the whole veterinary team!

I look forward to helping you and your team improve pet lives and human-animal bonds one mouth at a time!

My Services


Dr. Thomson brings her diverse dental skills to your hospital to perform dental services so you can increase revenue.


Dental Cleanings

Cleanings are provided as part of COHATs: Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment & Treatments.


The benefit of a Root Canal Treatment is that in addition to the pet keeping their tooth for function, it is also LESS invasive than extraction.


In some dental cases, surgery is necessary, and Dr. Thomson is prepared to handle the operation.


Movement of teeth is performed to relieve discomfort caused by abnormal tooth-on-tooth OR tooth-on-soft tissue contact.