Frequently Asked Questions


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Do you bring your own equipment?
YES! I bring all my own portable equipment and hand instruments, including: burs, suture, syringes and needles, full dental packs, and even paste!

What I can not bring with me is digital dental radiography, high-speed delivery unit nor the anesthetic machine and thus will need to utilize the clinic’s.

What do you need from us?

I need the patient’s veterinarian to write up and review their anesthetic protocol with myself and the RVT that will be monitoring and managing their general anesthesia.

A dedicated RVT will be needed for the patient’s anesthesia, and I will cover everything else: oral examination, full mouth pre-radiographs and post-operative, cleaning and surgery.

Are you board certified?

Yes! Dr. Amy Thomson completed her American Veterinary Dental College board examination in June 2021. She is now a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College.

What does this mean?
In addition to completing a 3-year academic residency, and fulfilling all the AVDC residency requirements to be eligible to sit the AVDC board examination, a 2-part written and 4-part practical examination has been passed.

What are your fees?
You may request a detailed fee guide by sending me an email.
How do we price your services?
I will provide my fees list upon request, but how you price and charge your clients is up to you and your team.

While I take the radiographs and interpret those images, there is the cost for the machine and maintenance of the software, as well all the medications, bloodwork, anesthesia monitoring, IV fluids, and hospitalization are provided by your team.

What do we give owners for post-operative instructions?

For each patient, I provide a detailed dental chart for medical records and a two-page discharge for the owners that includes a truncated dental chart summary of oral examination and radiograph findings. It also has a treatment summary, home care instructions and follow-up recommendations.

How are you handling COVID-19 and emergencies?

I travel to and work out of general practices. I use an N-95 mask & surgical or cloth mask AT ALL TIMES; never remove masks while in the clinic, have received the first vaccination, and follow all COVID-19 protocols for each of the clinics I visit.

Clients should contact their family veterinarian or their emergency service and follow all practices stipulated by the family vet or emergency service.

What are your payment options?

Payments will only come from clinics. I accept cheques and electronic transfers. I put on my invoices that bills outstanding beyond 30 days will be charged interest.

What are your hours?

I am available anytime via email for inquires (please allow at least 48 hours during the week for a reply). Working hours are 8 AM – 4 PM (Monday – Friday).