My Dental Services

Dr. Thomson brings her diverse dental skills to your hospital to perform a variety of dental services.

Dental Services

Learn more about the services I can help you with at your hospital.


YES! I do cleanings, but they are part of the COHAT: Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment & Treatments. Learn more about cleanings here.

Periodontal Surgery

These surgeries are very rewarding and exciting; for best results, they require follow-up and pet and owner compliance with home oral hygiene. Learn more about these surgeries here.


Movement of teeth is performed to relieve discomfort caused by abnormal tooth-on-tooth OR tooth-on-soft tissue contact. Learn more about orthodontics here.


Tooth extraction is one of the most common treatments (second only to scaling and polishing) that are performed as part of COHATs. Learn more about extractions here.


YES! Endodontics for our pets! Root Canal Treatment CAN be performed on dogs AND cats. Learn more about endodontics here.

Oral Surgery

The type of surgery or repair is very tumour or injury-dependent as well as patient-dependent. Learn more about oral surgery here.

In-Clinic & Virtual Continuing Education

Continual learning, growing, and developing our skills to better treat pets is a constant process, a journey, not a destination. Learn more about our education opportunities here.